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You’re Invited: Come Blog for Us!

September 9, 2021, The Association

The Association’s Blog is the place to go to learn about successful practices and programs, grants and professional development opportunities, and resources for building diversity, equity, and inclusion. We also keep you up-to-date on industry news and trends, introduce you to leaders making a difference in the field, and share quick tips and tried-and-true tools that you can implement at your organization.

Help us get the conversation started

We want to grow The Association’s blog into a home for discussion and conversation about trends you’re seeing and challenges you’re facing. 

Get on your soapbox. 
Let loose your vision for the future. 
Talk about meaningful changes you’re making in your organization. 
Write an open letter to the field.

If you’ve got something to say about leadership and innovation in animal welfare, The Association’s blog is the place to say it.

For inspiration, take a look at the following:

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5 Tips for Adopting Out Senior Dogs
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Women In Animal Welfare: Breaking the Glass Ceiling
Bright Ideas: Sunshine Cart

Guidelines for guest blogs

Thinking of contributing? Here are a few things to keep in mind.
Length: 500-800 words 

Audience: The Association’s audience is comprised of your peers in animal welfare and animal care and control, as well as industry partners and media contacts. But do keep in mind that the blog is not members-only content and is accessible to all. 

Bio: We’ll ask for a brief bio of 75-100 words and a headshot so we can properly credit you.

Helpful hints: Stories and real-life examples make for great reading, and we LOVE compelling visuals. Please feel free to send along an image or graphic. And you know how much this field loves and utilizes data—charts and stats to illustrate your case are very welcome.

Tip of the Week

We’re also looking for ideas to share in our Tip of the Week column. Think easy-to-implement time-savers and ideas that you or someone at your organization has suggested and tested. And if one of your team members came up with an innovation that you’ve put into place, this is a nice way for them to get a national shout-out and industry-wide recognition. 

Here are some examples of the variety of topics covered in this column:

Tip of the Week: Another Way to Say It
Tip of the Week: In Good Hands
Tip of the Week: Dog, Tagged
Tip of the Week: Defining Roles

Come on board The Association’s blog

Seeing a trend in your organization or region? MacGyvered a makeshift tool that’s saving you time and resources? Want to share a challenge you found a solution for? Fill out this form and tell us about your idea. We’ll be in touch soon to follow up. (And if you’ve already written something, feel free to pass it along. If it doesn’t quite fit our format, we can work with you to get it publication-ready.)

Photo by Wilhelm Gunkel on Unsplash

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