Compensation & Benefits Study

What It Is, and Why It's Important

The Compensation & Benefits Benchmarking Study is an online benchmarking platform that is the only one of its kind in animal welfare. This comprehensive resource provides on-demand insights related to compensation and benefits across nearly 80 animal welfare job descriptions, representing organizations across the United States, Canada and beyond.

With current staffing shortages, and a shared vision to create a more equitable and just industry, the 2023 Compensation & Benefits Study can help solve these challenges:

  • How do the salaries and benefits my organization offers compare to others in the state, region, and nationwide?
  • How can we recruit and retain diverse talent?
  • We’re creating new positions. How do we ensure our salaries are equitable and competitive?

Features and Functions

Filter the data by region, state/province, population served, organizational structure, location type, full- and part-time employees and operating budget. Available reports include an Excel file, and several different PowerPoint options featuring charts and graphs. Click to learn more about participation and purchasing options and what’s included.

How It Works

Early Bird Access – March 14 through May 15

Register and complete 80% of your organization’s data for calendar year 2022 (data as of 12/31/22) by May 15 and earn free premium access to reporting and comparative data.

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