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5 Tips for Adopting Out Senior Dogs

July 12, 2023, Charlene Lee

Need some inspo for finding more homes for your elder doggos? Charlene Lee, Foster Coordinator at Barks of Love Animal Rescue, shares some tips for messaging to potential adopters.

Expert Cuddlers

Most senior dogs seem as if they know they’ve been given a second chance, so they love with every ounce in them. We try to showcase them to potential adopters by reiterating just how much they are experts at loving and forgiving, and have such a way with living in the present.
We let adopters know that whatever their mystery story may have been before coming into our care, senior rescue dogs especially are just so ready to enjoy life, love, and cuddles for the rest of their days.

Straight to Video

Adopting a senior can be such a wonderful experience. So we try our best to capture what that experience may be like in pictures and videos that show adopters that possibility.

Old Tricks

We let potential adopters know the many benefits to welcoming a senior dog into a family. Too often older dogs get overlooked for adoption because some feel they are “too old to learn new tricks”—however, many senior dogs already come with a bunch of commands they already know.

The Best Is Yet to Come

We hear far too often that people are scared that an older dog will pass too soon. We tell adopters that although dogs’ lives are definitely too short, many senior dogs still have plenty of years left.

Peace Out

Some look at senior dogs as too much work, so we’re sure to let them know that in fact senior dogs are usually calmer and less energetic, as well as less likely to cause destruction to a home. We regularly tell potential adopters that older dogs don’t ask for much, except for a cozy, caring home to enjoy the last years of their lives, and a little bit of understanding.

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About Charlene Lee
Charlene Lee is the Foster Coordinator for Barks of Love Animal Rescue. Her passion in helping rescue animals, includes fostering five rescue dogs to adoption, as well as creating the winning submission for the People’s Choice category for the 2022 Wagsies Awards.

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