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Tip of the Week: Another Way to Say It

September 4, 2023, The Association

It’s Monday—that means it’s time for tools, time-savers and new ideas to try out. This week we explore how we talk about barn cat programs.

Barn cat programs give second chances to one of the most at-risk populations in your care—unsocialized cats who are unsuitable for living indoors with humans. These lifesaving programs place fully vetted cats into a safe, independent living setting such as barns or sheds, and even factories and warehouses.

While most barn cat programs highlight the individual cats for adoption in their marketing materials, we love Tree House Humane Society’s twist on the usual call to action. “We’re on the lookout for barns to house feral cats,” the Chicago, IL, agency shared in a recent Facebook post with the above graphic. While yes, they are ultimately looking for adopters, this iteration does change the nature of the ask, resulting in a way of thinking about adopting that’s perhaps less transactional and more relational.

Might this messaging work to attract new and/or renewed interest in your barn cat program?

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