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Tip of the Week: 9 Tenets of PACT

April 22, 2024, The Association

Review the shared beliefs of a movement in sheltering that recognizes the power of community

Compassion, transparency, leadership.

These are the drivers of People and Animals in Community Together (PACT), a movement in animal sheltering that recognizes the power of community collaboration as outlined in nine shared beliefs.  Here’s a high-level view of the tenets. Please visit the website for a summary and description of each.

Nine Tenets of PACT

Ensure Every Unwanted or Homeless Pet has a Safe Place to Go for Care.

Place Every Healthy and Safe Animal.

Assess the Medical and Behavioral Needs of Homeless Animals, and Ensure These Needs are Thoughtfully Addressed.

Alleviate Suffering and Make Appropriate Euthanasia Decisions. 

Align Policy with the Needs of the Community.

Enhance the Human-Animal Bond through Thoughtful Placements and Post-Adoption Support.

Consider the Health and Wellness of Each Animal and Community When Transferring Animals Between Communities.

Implement Inclusive Policies and Practices.

Foster a Culture of Transparency, Ethical Decision Making, Mutual Respect, Continual Learning, and Collaboration.

Want to learn more about this movement? Join the webinar at 4 ET tomorrow, Tuesday, April 23.

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  1. Dear Colleagues,

    I believe the Nine Tenets of People & Animals in Community Together (PACT) provides a powerful framework for putting compassion, transparency, and community collaboration at the heart of animal welfare work. As a long-time leader in this field, I believe these tenets capture the essence of what it means to create a better future for animals and the people who love them.

    They challenge us to think beyond the walls of our own organizations and to see ourselves as part of a larger movement for positive change. I am proud to stand alongside my colleagues in endorsing these tenets and committing to putting them into practice.

    Together, we can create a world where every healthy and safe animal has a loving home and every community embraces the power of the human-animal bond.
    Let’s get to work.
    Ed Boks

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