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Tip of the Week: Guest List

April 30, 2024, The Association

Here’s one smart idea you just may want to opt in to

Do you offer free WiFi to visitors at your adoption center? Atlanta Humane Society does, and shares three great reasons why.

Access to WiFi is quick and easy for all visitors—by design. “We are aiming to enhance visitor experience, whatever the reason for someone’s visit,” says AHS’ Michael Robbins.

To access the free WiFi, a guest is asked to input their name and email, and if they would like to opt-in to receiving communications from AHS—thereby increasing engagement. “The guest WiFi collects pertinent data allowing AHS to communicate with those individuals based on their needs/interests,” adds Robbins.

And last but not least: security.  Explains Robbins, “Having separate dedicated WiFi systems for visitors and staff/volunteers allows us to provide greater security parameters around our information and accessibility.”

Are you offering free WiFi for visitors?

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  1. Great idea! How is AHS implementing this on the back end? Presumably these newsletter signups are going to your development staff to create a constituent record. Is that a manual data input or do you deploy some kind of automation?

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