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Tip of the Week: In Good Hands

July 24, 2023, The Association

We recently put out a call for your favorite shelter signage. Here’s one that’ll hands-down make folks stop and take notice.

Ever notice how if you see the same sign enough times that you stop noticing it? That’s not the case with this poster that hangs at Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP) in Houston, TX.

“The design was inspired by COVID,” says CAP’s Executive Director, Sandi Mercado, “and the need to remind people to be extra careful to properly wash their hands.”

The design and messaging for the sign were created in-house, a collaboration between Mercado and CAP’s then-marketing coordinator. It was geared toward the public, but also hangs in staff restrooms and near other sinks in the shelter. Adds Mercado, “So many people just do a quick rinse, but we, as animal shelter workers, understand the importance of washing and sanitizing, regardless of whether there’s a pandemic happening or not.”

The response, in addition to more carefully washed hands, has been overwhelmingly positive. Reports Mercado, “We get a lot of comments from the public, who think the sign is hilarious. They really appreciated our humor.”

Is messaging like this needed at your org? CAP is happy to share a .pdf of the sign, which you can use as is or as inspo for your own design.

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Image courtesy of Citizens for Animal Protection

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