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Tip of the Week: Wait, What?

July 5, 2023, The Association

Been in a situation where you’ve witnessed a microaggression or seen someone from a marginalized community being bullied? Here are some communications tips for responding in the moment.

It’s often challenging to take action—or even know what action to take—when we see someone being bullied, or when we witness a microaggression. How do you know when to act or what to say? The Association’s Jasmin M. Robinson, Director of DEI Initiatives, shares that it’s crucial to clarify the intent of the person committing the microagression. While the person who committed the microaggression most likely did not intend to cause harm, simply asking the person to clarify their intent can help to educate and enlighten. Robinson suggests the following questions:

  • Help me to understand what you mean when you say this.
  • What was your intention when you said this?
  • What experience or criteria are you basing your perspective on?
  • What do you assume to be true?

These simple questions can be used in many situations, including during a conversations with someone whom you know has a different perspective than yours. What would you add to the list?

Listen to the recorded webinar, Be an Upstander, Not a Bystander, for additional tips for responding to microaggressions or other forms of mistreatment directed at marginalized individuals.

Catch Intent vs. Impact: How to Respond When You Are Called Out For a Microaggression live on September 13 to learn about the other side of a microaggression situation.

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