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Tip of the Week: How To Find a Lost Pet

July 18, 2023, The Association

In commemoration of Lost Pet Prevention Month, PetHub teamed up with National Animal Care & Control Association to conduct a survey determining the most effective strategies for finding lost pets. The results were repackaged into this gorgeous infographic to share with your community and staff members.

The first few hours are critical when looking for a lost pet. You may know this from your work as an animal welfare professional, and it’s also been confirmed by a recent survey of pet owners who lost and found their dogs, as well as people who work in the industry.

This handy infographic reflects a timeline of steps to follow when a pet is lost—not just what to do, but WHEN. Drag and drop this graphic, or download it here, and please share on your social media channels in honor of Lost Pet Prevention Month.

Courtesy of PetHub

For a deeper dive into the 2022 Lost Pet research, listen to The Assocation’s latest podcast, in which Lorien Clemens, CEO and cofounder of PetHub, and Jerrica Owen, NACA’s Executive Director, discuss survey results.

Photo: PetHub

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