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Tip of the Week: Defining Roles

March 21, 2023, The Association

What’s in a name? This week’s tip digs into leadership roles and titles, and how some of your colleagues are defining these roles.

Manager, Coordinator, Director, Supervisor…. Definitions for these titles vary from organization to organization. Does your agency have clear definitions for each? Establishing consistency across these titles, and deciding what they mean at your agency, is an important step in insuring more equitable and just compensation practices.

Michelle Thevenin, Chief People Officer at Humane Rescue Alliance, recently shared a document in the Members-Only online community that featured definitions for various titles associated with team leads and individual rules, all the way from Supervisor to Specialist. Peruse HRA’s list for inspo, and feel free to leave a comment and add your own definitions.

P.S. Another way to ensure your compensation practices are equitable and just? Participate in the 2023 Compensation & Benefits Study. Register & input data by May 15 to get you complementary access to this incredible benchmarking tool.

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