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Tip of the Week: Show and Tell, when it comes to salary

September 20, 2021, The Association

Monday again—time for us to kick off the week with a tool, a time-saver, or a just-plain-brilliant idea that your colleagues and members of The Association have suggested and tested. This week’s tip is courtesy of Humane Society Silicon Valley, where they implement an important hiring practice that’s proven to decrease gender and racial wage gaps.

P.S. If you’ve been enjoying our past tips and have one to share, leave a comment and tell us about it.

Looking to walk more talk on equity? Then make like Humane Society Silicon Valley and take the simple, tangible action of disclosing salary on your job postings.

“It’s so important to note the salary range and the budget before asking a candidate their compensation expectations,” shares HSSV’s Yvonne Saucedo, Vice President, Human Resources, Volunteer Programs and Humane Education, “so we can have a transparent conversation with them early about whether their expectations match our budget.”  The candidate is then given the option to move forward in the interview process if they believe they can work within the budgeted range. Adds Saucedo, “We also check internal positions that are similarly situated to the job so we can be sure that we are consistent with our internal compensation practices.”

How else is HSSV ensuring equity in hiring practices? “We review internal equity against similarly situated employees every time we hire someone new on the team,” says Saucedo. “And if we have a candidate who has lower expectations than our compensation range, we are transparent that they are below our range. So long as their experience warrants, we would expect to offer within our range rather than at their lower expectation.”

For additional discussion on why it’s crucial that organizations disclose salary, read this blog post in which Vu Le busts all the counterarguments. Let us know if you’ve implemented this practice at your agency.


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