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Tip of the Week: Part of the Plan

May 23, 2023, The Association

Trouble hiring and retaining medical staff? This strategy can provide insulation against employee turnover.

According to the latest report generated from new 2023 Compensation & Benefits Study, the median employee turnover rate in the animal welfare sector is 33.3%. This plays out in the form of staffing & retention challenges at many shelters—particularly in regards to medical team staff.

When they had trouble filling several full-time veterinary assistant positions, SPCA of Wake County decided to try listing the openings as part-time. “We’ve been able to supplement full-timers with part-timers,” reported VP of Strategic Initiatives, Lisa Kroll, in the recent Roundtable session, Winning Staff Retention Through Compensation & Benefits.

The strategy worked so well they’ve opened more of these part-time positions for several roles. Kroll shared that both full-time and part-time medical team staffers are less stressed–with part-time employees representing less of an investment in terms of benefits.

As an added bonus, once several of the part-time staffers were integrated into the department, they let Kroll know they would be interested if any full-time positions opened up.

“We’re insulating ourselves against turnover right now,” she said, “and hopefully growing a bench.”

For more tips like this, listen to the recorded webinar, Winning Staff Retention Through Compensation & Benefits.

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Photo: SPCA of Wake County/Facebook

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