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5 Top HR Tips (& 10 More On the Way)

May 11, 2023, The Association

In advance of Tom Erb’s session during The Solutions Summit on June 13, we compiled 5 of the staffing and recruiting guru’s top tips.  Register for the online summit to get 10 more.

Give your JDs an upgrade

Most JDs out there include long, bulleted lists of necessary skills and qualifications. With a little reframing—you’re offering an opportunity, not asking for requirements—you’ll set yourself apart. Think of it as the difference between an employer-centric JD and one that’s candidate-centric. You want the latter. Check out the following examples:

Language & Phrases Used in Employer-Centric Job Descriptions

  • “The ideal candidate must possess the following skills…”
  • “We are looking for candidates that can do this…”
  • Are you hardworking and dependable?”
  • “Must be able to pass a drug screen”

Language & Phrases Used in Candidate-Centric Job Descriptions

  • “Are you looking for the next stage in your career?”
  • “Plenty of time for your personal life”
  • “Have you always wanted to…”
  • “You are the type of person who enjoys…”

Nailing the Interview

Nope, this one one isn’t for job seekers—it’s for employers. In one of his  webinars for The Association, Finding & Recruiting a Dream Team, Erb shared this simple, 4-page guide of behavioral interview questions that’ll help you get to know job candidates.

Break Up the 40-Hour Workweek

This is a great way to provide employees with the flexibility they are looking for. You need work done, whether that entails direct animal care, building financial reports, or writing code. But, Erb asks, “Do you really need the same person to do it Monday thru Friday 8-5? Does it matter how many hours, or what hours, each person works per day? Can I provide 4 or 5 different people to fill those 40 hours?” Many industries and professions, including healthcare, call centers, fast food, and retail, have successfully operated on scheduling per shift or block. 

Ramp Up Your Benefits

As more workers are looking at non-traditional income streams, benefits become even more valuable. Revisit your benefit programs, such as healthcare and paid time off. Evaluate what it would take financially to offer benefit programs to part-time workers. And consider incentive programs that reward employees for working more hours with you. 

Don’t Miss the Exit

How can you make the most of an exit interview with an employee who’s moving on from your organization? “Don’t begin by asking why they are leaving,” says Erb. “If you start off with the negative, they may be more hesitant to share with you.”
Instead, try simple questions to begin with, such as:

  • What did you like about the position?
  • What was your reason for choosing the job?
  • Is there something that would cause you to stay if things were different

More like this? Tom will be presenting 10 Ways to Attract and Retain Talent in a Crazy Labor Market at The Solutions Summit on June 13. Find out more about this virtual conference and register.

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