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Tip of the Week: Are You In Or Are You Out?

May 16, 2023, The Association

As animal welfare professionals we often wear many hats, particularly in smaller organizations. Does your organization have an in-house HR team, or do you outsource to an HR or payroll vendor? The following question came up during our recent Roundtable session, Winning Staff Retention Through Compensation & Benefits, and the answer will vary from agency to agency.

“SPCA of Wake County brought on an outside vendor,” shared their VP of Strategic Initiatives, Lisa Kroll, “and what we found is that by contracting with this company, we have access to so much expertise across the breadth of employee relations that we are getting a lot of bang for the buck.” If you are considering contracting an outside vendor, here are some things to think about:

  • Take the size of your organization into account what determining the best model.
  • The typical ratio for staff members to an HR professional is approximately 1:60.
  •  Consider a hybrid model of outsourcing the key areas such as payroll, insurance/worker’s compensation. Utilize in house HR staff for personal development, performance management and employee engagement and recruitment.

For more tips like this, listen to the recorded webinar, Winning Staff Retention Through Compensation & Benefits.

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