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Tip of the Week: Walkies!

August 1, 2023, The Association

Best thing about the animal sheltering industry? You readily, generously share with each other. Here’s a list of suggestions received when a colleague asked for recommendations for two-way radios.

“Our shelter staff use walkie-talkies to find each other and communicate in the building,” SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare’s Sarah Neikam, CAWA, recently shared in an online private group for members of The Association. “But the ones we have are breaking down one by one. We need to look for new ones. What is everyone else using?”

Here’s what’s keeping teams connected at shelters all across the country:

  • “We use Dewalt DXFRS300 heavy duty walkie-talkies at Gulf Coast Humane Society,” shares ED Gary Willoughby. “Our staff members put them through a lot! We had very cheap ones before, and these work well for us. They also have a wide coverage area, so you are likely able to talk to each other no matter where you are on the property.”
  • Amy-Jo Sites, MPA, CAWA, Director, reports they’re using Motorola two-way radios at Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control. “We have separate channels for officers, animal care specialists/foster and adoptions/playgroup,” she says. “We have a 28k-square-foot building, and these are the ones we’ve never had issues with.”
  • “I have found its worth the investment to get high level “military grade” walkies as they last, have a long range and are virtually unbreakable,” shares Sue Berry, CAWA, CEO at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League. “We currently use Hytera brand. The website has good prices and often rebates and other cost incentives.”

What’s working at your organization? Let us know and we’ll add your recommendation to this post.

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