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Tip of the Week: Take Time, Make Time

June 14, 2023, The Association

Even though your schedule may be jam-packed, there are often ways to make time for what’s most important.

In his keynote address at The Solutions Summit yesterday, Dr. Michael Blackwell asked attendees if there were things they could stop doing in order to have time to plan for the important work of collaborating with local social service agencies.

The answers came quickly and resolutely in the chat box, and we wanted to share them below. Allow them to serve as a reminder that no matter the nature of the important work you may be putting off, there is often a way to rearrange your schedule to make time.

Ways to Make Time

  • Have shorter meetings
  • Decrease unimportant meetings
  • Save time by stop staying, “We’ve always done it this way”
  • Stop holding volunteers’ hands and empower them
  • Quit Facebook
  • Delegate more, such as pushing daily case review to the shelter manager
  • Repurpose a weekly meeting

What might you start or stop doing to make more time?

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