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Tip of the Week: Can You Hear Me Now?

June 1, 2023, The Association

Potentially difficult convo coming up? This week’s tip can be a game changer—and a conversation starter.

“When we feel like we are going to be in conflict or have tension during a conversation,” shared MSM Global’s Maria Morukian in her recent webinar on listening skills for leaders, “we automatically disconnect ourselves. Our brain experiences a situation that puts us on alert.”

We also automatically step into judgment mode.

Stepping out of this mode is crucial if we want to engage in deep listening—and it’s especially challenging when interacting with those with divergent perspectives.

Morukian offers a technique that can allow us to shift this mindset when engaging in a potentially difficult conversation. “As you prepare for the conversation, there are three things you can remind yourself,” she suggested. “You can even say them directly yourself, out loud or just inside your mind.”

What this person has to say is valuable.
I am curious to hear what this person has to share with me.

I will learn something from this conversation.

These three powerful statements can help us step out of a judgement mindset and open up to another person. Have you used this technique? When might you next give it a try?

For more tips like this, listen to the recording of Listening Skills for Leaders.

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