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Tip of the Week: Ready to Roll

March 8, 2023, The Association

One shelter shares an easy way to keep retail sales rolling right along


Animal welfare folx are some of the most resourceful out there, well-versed at MacGyvering cat hiding places out of paper bags in the name of behavioral enrichment, or turning unused PVC pipes into dog kibble dispensers. The ad hoc ethic carries over to interior design, with many agencies making the most of facilities that were not originally constructed to house animals.

“Our building was never intended to be an animal shelter,” says Heather Svoboda Miller, Communications & Development Manager at Cat Adoption Team, “but we’ve been making it work for 25 years!” In CAT’s case, this means their lobby is also their retail shop, filled with colorful logo tees and feline-centric items, many from local makers, all presented on convenient rolling displays.

“Our retail manager purchased some of them from Store Supply,” shares Miller. And in true DIY fashion, they also procured many from Craigslist. “Search for ‘retail fixtures’,” advises Miller. “We had to pick them up, but it works for us!”

What simple design strategies do you swear by at your shelter?


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