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Tip of the Week: Keep It Moving

February 27, 2023, The Association

One shelter shares their tip for keeping animals moving through the system. Take a look at their solution and add your ideas.

We’ve heard that many organizations are “doing everything right” and still struggling with overcrowding right now. If your shelter is stuck for ways to keep animals moving, you’re not alone.

“We had to run extraordinary amounts of free adoption events to keep animals moving,” says Alexis Pagoulatos, CEO of Animal Rescue League of Berks County. “The loss of revenue was a major concern, though, so now we offer adoption sponsorship opportunities.”

Pagoulatos reports that local businesses have really stepped up to the plate. “It’s made a big difference for us. Some of the sponsored events even make us more money than the adoption revenue would have alone!”

An important bonus is that this format allows the agency to have comprehensive conversations once a year with people, rather than going back for many individual asks. “This seems to be preferred by all parties,“ says Pagoulatos. “We also try and mix sponsorship opportunities for what would traditionally be general operating expenses that we’d be spending money on anyway and could use help with.”

Check out their current corporate and community partnership ideas for inspo, and let us know if any resonate. Which might you try at your agency?

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