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Tip of the Week: Mind Your Ps & QRs

January 23, 2024, The Association

In 2023, QR codes saw a 52.34% jump in usage since the year prior. If they’re not already part of your marketing strategy, here‘s a great (and free!) place to start


QR codes offer a super-quick and easy way to get folks to your website or social media accounts, as well as to collect feedback and payments. When a member of The Association was on the lookout for a new code generator with more personalization options, they reached out to their colleagues in the field for recommendations.

Some folks were surprised to learn that there’s a code generator in Canva, which many of you are already using to design digital and print marketing materials. The code generator is built right into the side editor panel, and will allow you create static QR codes. And if you’ve got a Hovercode account, you can use it within Canva to generate dynamic codes that, unlike static codes, can be easily edited, updated, and customized with your logo, colors, and branding. Hovercode also offers code tracking and analytics.

P.S. Adobe Express’ free QR code generator is nifty, too, and will allow you to customize colors and add a logo.

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