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Tip of the Week: A Little Friendly Advice

August 28, 2023, The Association

It’s Monday—that means it’s time for tools and time-savers recommended by your colleagues and members of The Association. Today’s tip, courtesy of Mike Buckley, CFRE, offers inspo for getting fast, honest feedback about your online giving platform.

How easy is it to give to your organization?

“Sometimes as fundraising professionals, we’re too close to our own organization to be subjective,” shares Mike Buckley, CFRE, of The Killoe Group, who has a suggestion for getting honest feedback about the ease (or not) of making a donation.

“Find ten friends today and ask them to make one $10 gift on your online giving platform,” he says. Ask them their thoughts on how easy it was to navigate your online giving platform, how quickly they received an acknowledgement, and what they thought of the thank-you message.

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