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Tip of the Week: Early & Often

October 11, 2021, The Association

We love kicking off the week with some #MondayMotivation. Here’s where we share tools, time-savers, and just-plain-genius ideas that your colleagues and members of The Association have suggested and tested. Today’s tip, courtesy of Michael J. Buckley, CFRE, outlines a smart and savvy task to assign your board members.

When it comes to special events at your organization, Mike Buckley, CFRE, of The Killoe Group, has five simple words for you: 

Plan early and plan often.

“Part of that planning should be to assign your board members tasks to complete during the event,” explains Buckley.  “Ideally, board members should be tasked with making connections to donors and potential donors in attendance.”

Have you asked your board members to assist at your special events? What other opportunities do you offer them to participate and connect? If you’re not engaging your board this way, you—and they—are missing out.

This simple but mighty tip is part of the Special Events module in The Association’s Fundraising Professional Certificate Program, one of six self-paced modules created by Buckley to provide a fundamental understanding of fundraising. Learn more about the program, a must-take for individuals with less than two years of fundraising experience.

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