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Tip of the Week: Ditch the Desk

November 29, 2021, The Association

It’s Monday—that means we’re here with tools, time-savers, and just-plain-genius ideas that your colleagues and members of The Association have suggested and tested. Today’s tip, courtesy of Mike Buckley, CFRE, encourages a shift in thinking about potential donors. 

When it comes to donor prospects, Mike Buckley, CFRE, of The Killoe Group, drops the mic with this one:

A desk is a very dangerous place to raise money from.

“Too often professional fundraisers spend too much time making sure everything is in order,” says Mike, “instead of just meeting with potential donors.” While prospect research is a strong tool to help guide your organizations’ efforts towards the most affluent donors within your database, Mike cautions, “it doesn’t necessarily mean those donors are the most connected to your organization. Be sure to meet with donors to determine connection.”

This short but mighty tip is part of the Prospect Research module in The Association’s Fundraising Executive Certificate Program, one of six self-paced modules created by Buckley to provide an advanced level of fundraising knowledge. Learn more about the program, a must-take for individuals with more than two years of professional fundraising experience, in particular Executive Directors and development team leaders.

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