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Tip of the Week: TLC, GP-Style

February 14, 2022, The Association

It’s Monday—time to pass along a tool, a time-saver, or a rockin’ resource that your animal welfare colleagues have suggested and tested. We raided our Innovation Bank vaults for this week’s tip, courtesy of Saskia Chiesa of Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue. We hope you’ll watch the complete recording of Guinea Pig Welfare In Shelters: Basic Care & Handling, too.

“Although guinea pigs don’t generally like being picked up,” says Saskia, “they rarely bite.” She stresses the importance of using two hands when handling, avoiding fast moves, and never picking them up by the scruff.  If you are having trouble with an especially skittish GP, Saskia suggests removing their hide boxes or houses temporarily to make it a little easier, as shown in the following video:

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