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Tip of the Week: Thoroughly Vetted

November 22, 2021, The Association

It’s Monday, and that means we’re here to pass on a tip or tool that can help you do what you do even better. Up this week is a new resource for recruiting shelter and spay/neuter veterinarians.

On the hunt for your next shelter or HQHVSN veterinarian? Or are you looking for your next adventure? There’s a new Facebook page in town that’s worth checking out.

The Shelter & Spay/Neuter Veterinarian Job Board is a place to post positions for veterinarians working in all areas of shelter medicine, including shelter practice, HQHVSN, veterinary forensics, public health, shelter design, consultation, access to care, and academia. It’s also a place for shelter medicine job seekers to share their availability.

The page moderators request that posts be made by the hiring organization or the veterinarian who is looking for a position, and that all posts be updated once the position is filled. Bookmark the page, and if you’re hiring, remember to get the message out in as many places as possible (yup, shameless plug for the Career Center).

P.S. Bonus tip for job posters, courtesy of Loudon County Animal Services’ Nina Stively: “If you are looking for a shelter vet,” she suggests, “consider substituting ‘required years of experience’ for ‘training in shelter medicine.’ Don’t assume a private practice vet has training in HQHVSN or shelter med—though they can certainly learn, too!”

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