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Tip of the Week: Take Care

November 13, 2023, The Association

Inspo, ideas and incentive for getting staff to engage in the practice of self-care

Self-care, we-care, take care…. While it’s hard to deny the importance of self-care for those in caregiving professions such as animal welfare, a leader’s task of modeling the behavior—or even providing staff ideas and incentive to get started—is another story.

When Independence Pet Group’s Corey Price, CAWA, was serving as Animal Services Manager at City of Irving, she created such an opportunity for employees. “We did self care bingo,” says Price, “and employees who turned in their completed bingos won self care-related prizes. It was a real hit.”

If you’re interested in trying this at your organization, a little research will yield lots of options. Recommends Price, “Just Google ‘self care bingo,’ and you’ll find a bunch to choose from.”

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