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Tip of the Week: Why Adopters Return Cats (& What to Do About It)

November 6, 2023, The Association

Got 3 minutes? Watch this week’s video tip that unpacks recent research on why cats are returned to shelters.

We know how much you enjoy digging into new research—and we also know how much time it takes to pore through journal articles.

Enter the Faunalytics Explains video series, recently shared with your colleagues in The Network, The Association’s online community. The series breaks down results from recent studies and makes them relevant to animal welfare professionals, offering suggestions for applying the findings to your work.

One video featured in the series explores a study of 2,642 adult cats in a large shelter in the Northeast, 12% of which were returned over 4 years. Watch the video to learn how many of these cats were adopted again, the main reasons cited for return, and some ideas, based on the stats, for preventing returns and keeping cats in their newly adopted homes.

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