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Tip of the Week: “Customer” Isn’t Always Right

October 23, 2023, The Association

This week, we take a closer look at word usage, and how it can set the tone for your relationships and interactions with the folks who come through your doors.

What do you call the people who are seeking your services? Inquiring minds in The Association’s members-only social media groups want to know, recently sharing that they’re looking for a more accurate description than customers or clients—“because not all of them are purchasing something.”

Some ideas from colleagues in the field included:

  • Guests
  • Patrons
  • Citizens
  • Visitors

What might each of these words suggest about the relationship between your front desk team and the folks they’re assisting? For example, does it feel different to assist a guest than it does to assist a visitor?

Got a suggestion? Leave a comment and share with your colleagues.

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