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Tip of the Week: A Culturally Safe, Trauma-Informed Approach

October 30, 2023, The Association

Here’s another peer-recommended resource, this one a free training program from Vancouver Humane Society.

When a member of The Network, The Association’s online community, inquired about DEI resources to share with volunteers, The ASPCA’s Kay Joubert, Director of the Northern Tier Shelter Initiative, shared a free online resource.

“I’d suggest checking out Implementing a Culturally Safe & Trauma-Informed Approach,” recommends Joubert. “This free course from Vancouver Humane Society focuses on how to approach all interactions with a culturally aware and trauma-informed approach. It takes about 2 hours and can be done in short sessions to fit into staff schedules. It’s appropriate for volunteers as well.”

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Photo: Vancouver Humane Society

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