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Tip of the Week: Native Land Map

October 10, 2022, The Association

Here’s a resource you can share with staff as part of a DEI toolkit.

As we observe Indigenous Peoples’ Day, here’s a reminder about Native Land, a cool mapping tool you may have heard about that allows you to see the indigenous territories and languages in your region.

Launched in 2015 and frequently used in schools, the interactive website aids in helping people around the world learn about their local history. What indigenous territories might have existed—and still exist—where you live? Share the digital map with your staff as part of a DEI toolkit, inviting them to identify and acknowledge the native land your agency is on.

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  1. I added it to my signature line for Indigenous Peoples’ Day to acknowledge that SPCA Monterey County is located on the traditional territory of the Rumsen. I hope more folks use this tool.

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