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Tip of the Week: Keeping Families Safe

June 3, 2024, The Association

The ultimate toolkit for supporting women who are experiencing gender-based violence

Many gender-based violence shelters do not take in animals, and survivors are often faced with the impossible choice of leaving their animals behind, or staying and enduring more violence. Over the past two years, Humane Canada has consulted and collaborated with diverse voices and multisectoral organizations in order to gather tools and templates to support survivors of gender-based violence and their pets.

“Our ACT to Keep Families Together team has put together an incredible resource in Thinkific,” shares Humane Canada’s Kathy Duncan. “There are resources and templates, case studies and recordings of our communities of practice held over the past year.  I encourage anyone who wants to learn more about the violence link and supporting women with animals who are experiencing gender-based violence to check it out.”

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