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Tip of the Week: It’s Nice to Share (Especially If It’s Easy)

December 21, 2022, The Association

This week we’re thinking about data, and the importance of sharing it. Here’s a simple way to make it easier on yourself (and your comms team).

It wasn’t always the case, but now it’s commonplace for shelters to share their data, both with the public and with internal stakeholders. In their recent webinar, What’s The Story With Your Data?, Stephanie Filer and Samantha Hill of Shelter Animals Count shared an easy way for you to make this happen.

“Organizations can embed a code on their website to share their specific income & outcome data,” say Filer & Hill. Instead of having to post your monthly data in multiple places—and having to keep updating it manually—simply enter it into your Shelter Animals Count dashboard. If you’ve plugged in the embed code on your website, the data will be refreshed once a month.

Over 100 organizations are already using the code, including Humane Society of Utah. Check out the photo at the top of the blog to see how great the visualizations look. If you’d like a code for your organization, email

Note: The data is pulled from the Shelter Animals Count database, so you’ll need an account with Shelter Animals Count in order to take advantage of this feature. Sign up here if your organization doesn’t already have an account.

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