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Tip of the Week: Fancy Meeting You Here

September 13, 2022, The Association

Heard the one about the Zoom meeting that everyone planned for and participated in? Yup, they do exist. This week’s tip offers info for your inspo.

Steven Rogelberg, PhD, author of The Surprising Science of Meetings and Director of the Shelter Employee Engagement & Development Survey, shares three quickfire tips for improving your remote meetings.

Don’t Overinvite

Remote meetings plummet in quality as size increases. Instead, let nonessential members off the hook and just share the recording.

Sharpen Your Agenda

Organize your agenda as a set of questions to be answered. This helps you figure out who needs to be there and, when it’s over, if the meeting was successful—were you able to answer all the questions?

Start the Meeting Well

Your mood matters! Start on time and do a quick roll call, which helps sensitize everyone to the voices of all attendees. 

What’s your top tip for running a great meeting? Leave a comment and share your experience.

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