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Tip of the Week: Communal Cat Room Signage

June 21, 2023, The Association

One of the many great things about animal welfare professionals? We share ideas and resources freely. When a member of The Association recently put out a call in The Network to see other shelters’ communal cat room signage, the folks at Cat Adoption Team were more than happy to share. They’re happy to pass them on to you, too.

Looking for inspiration for engaging and effective signage for your communal cat rooms? It’s your colleagues at Cat Adoption Team to the rescue!

“We have free-roam rooms and individual stainless steel kennels in our shelter,” says CAT’s Communications & Development Manager, Heather Svoboda Miller. As these rooms are typically unlocked and available to volunteers and visitors to walk in, it’s crucial they have an effective way to share key info about the cats in these rooms.

Miller worked with CAT’s shelter, hospital and volunteer and behavior program managers to develop and create the messages for the signs. “Our priority for these signs was two-fold: to remain welcoming while ensuring the safety and comfort of our cats and guests,” she says. “We want the tone of any public-facing signage to reflect our organization’s values and brand—friendly, welcoming, and informative.”

Thought, care, and strategy went into every aspect of signs, from word choice down to the bright, inviting colors. “Some of our choices, like using ‘BQ’ instead of spelling out ‘Bite Quarantine,’ were made so that the signs are useful for staff and volunteers, but not concerning to members of the public,” explains Miller. “Some of our Staff Only cats might be available for adoption, so we don’t want to turn folks off—but we do want them to go in and meet the cat after they have an open, nuanced conversation with a staff person about the cat’s medical or behavior needs.” In this way, the signs serve to help the right people meet the right cats in the best way.

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Images & signage courtesy of Cat Adoption Team

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