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Tip of the Week: Animal Welfare Turnover Rate

June 10, 2024, The Association

How do your organization’s numbers stack up against the profession as a whole?

When a member of The Association inquired in our online community about the average employee turnover rate in animal shelters, we had the answer in just a few clicks.

And according to The Association’s latest Compensation & Benefits Benchmarking Study, it’s good news. While the previous study reported higher turnover rates, perhaps in alignment with the Great Resignation of 2021, the 2023 numbers reflect a decrease in turnover rates. The median turnover rate has come down from 38% to the current national average of about 33%, while the turnover rate at the 75th percentile is 51.6%, down from 56.5.

How does your organization stack up?

This statistic and other high-level data can be found in the Compensation & Benefits Benchmarking Study Executive Summary. Members of The Association get a complimentary copy—here’s a direct link to access it; once you sign into your account, you’ll see the cost zeroed out.

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