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Tip of the Week: 5 Ideas for Minimizing Distractions

June 20, 2022, The Association

In their recent webinar, Investing in Your People, Drs. Rob McKenna and Daniel Hallak of WiLD Leaders emphasized the importance of staying present while in virtual meetings and trainings.

Got a virtual meeting or training today? “Bring your full self to the conversation,” says Daniel Hallak. Here are 5 ideas for minimizing distractions so you can give your undivided attention and focus.

1. Close the door

Seems easy enough, right? And it lets others know that you’re busy, so they’ll be less likely to disturb you.

2. Wear headphones

This is a great option if you can’t close the door (or if there’s no door to close). Headphones also are an indicator that the person wearing them does not want to be interrupted.

3. Set your devices on Do Not Disturb

4. Select Full Screen as your view

This way you won’t be able to see and open new tabs for a quick FB or Instagram break.

5. Silence Notifications

That goes for notifications on your phone, too, if you’re on your laptop. In most cases, whatever it is can wait until your meeting’s done.

For more on Rob & Daniel’s work, listen to their webinar recording on Whole and Intentional Leader Development, and learn about their Certificate in Whole Leader Development.

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