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The Future of Animal Welfare: Day 3 Highlights

December 15, 2021, The Association

Day 3, and going strong. We’re loving the feedback we’re getting about the conference format of half-days and just one track–no place to be but together. We’ll be digging into tips and resources from individual sessions, but here are a few takeaways from the final day of Looking Forward: The Future of Animal Welfare.

Let’s Have a Conversation

Language is a barrier to accessing services in many communities, and Dallas Animal Services has been able to help bridge the gap with pocket translators. As shared by DAS’ MeLissa Webber during “Serving the WHOLE Community: How to Use Data as Your Roadmap,” Pocketalk two-way translation devices “can interpret conversations right then and there.” 

The SARA Model

“Don’t wait for calls!” Maui Humane’s Steve MacKinnon explained his approach to humane law enforcement in the “More Positive, Less Punitive” session. Read about the SARA Model of proactive community policing he outlined.

Play It Safe

While unfortunately it’s not uncommon for animal sheltering professionals to be threatened or harassed because of their work, it’s important to do whatever we can to stay safe. “Be mindful of what personal information you may be giving away,” urged Michelle Davidson in “Addressing Security Issues in Animal Welfare.” That includes name tags and scrubs or uniforms branded with your organization’s name, as well as vanity plates or stickers on your vehicle that identify you or your org.

Put Yourself Out There

Best way to reach folks who may not know about your organization? Matt Pepper discussed what’s working for Michigan Humane in “Serving the WHOLE Community:” “We’ve found that the process of seeking out data is equally, if not more, important than the data itself,” he says. “We go door-to-door, and attend events hosted by religious and community associations, and just listen.”

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Top photo: We asked attendees to submit photos of themselves with their conference buddies for the chance to enter a random drawing to win a free year’s membership to The Association. The Day 3 winner is Coulter Kirkpatrick, Animal Code Enforcement Officer at City of Jacksonville Animal Care & Protective Services.

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