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Onboarding 101: This Is How We Do It

May 25, 2023, The Association

In Part I of our series, The Association’s Katherine M. Shenar mapped out a year-long plan for onboarding new employees. Part II digs into organizational onboarding, one of three key areas in the overall process.

Did you know that 33 percent of new employees quit within the first six months?

Or that 87% of staff would be less likely to leave an organization if they felt engaged?

Given these numbers, it’s easy to see why the onboarding process is critical—and can make or break your ability to retain employees.

In her recent webinar, Employee Onboarding: The Secret for Boosting Productivity, Engagement, & Retention, The Association’s Executive Vice President, Katherine M. Shenar, CAWA, digs into a key area to focus on when creating your structured onboarding program.

Organizational onboarding involves teaching new hires how things work,” says Shenar. “And that does not mean teaching them about the job itself, but about how your organization works—the systems and structures that are in place.”

Some examples include:

  • Where do you park your car?
  • Where do you go to eat lunch?
  • How do you purchase something—do you need a credit card? Do you need a purchase order number?
  • How do you turn in PTO requests?
  • How do you get supplies?

“A lot of times we take for granted that people will just figure these things out, or that somebody will tell them,” adds Shenar. “But if you don’t make a conscious effort to include them, we’re not setting the employee up for success.”

Organizational onboarding also involves helping new employees assimilate to the culture. “This entails helping them recognize, What is your culture like? What is it like to work here?”

To help them feel a part of the organization, Shenar suggests pairing a new hire up with another colleague or co-worker. Take time to select a buddy who can “really help them sort things out, and feel that they are being warmly embraced.”

For additional insights on the onboarding process, listen to the complete recorded webinar. Stay tuned for more tips in this series.

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