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Tip of the Week: Getting it Together

February 16, 2023, The Association

Up everyone’s learning game with an all-staff training.

We talk a lot about the importance of professional development for staff at all levels. Putting it into practice is another thing. “Showing you are serious about being committed to staff training also means you need to provide time and resources for staff to do it,” stated Cristie Kamiya, DVM, MBA, Chief of Shelter Medicine at Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV), in a recent Roundtable. “Otherwise, it’s just talk.”

One easy way to up everyone’s learning game is to incorporate training into all-staff meetings. “Clear all schedules so everyone can attend,” recommends Dr. Kamiya.

Most recently, for example, HSSV ran a CPR training for the entire staff. “In addition to being a lot of fun, there was huge engagement,” says Kamiya. “Overall it was a huge learning opportunity for everyone.”

Have you done anything like this? Tell us about it.

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