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Meet a CAWA: Victoria Cowper

November 2, 2022, The Association

Budgets. Strategies. Community programs. City contracts. Disaster planning… In her 23 years in the profession, Victoria Cowper, CAWA, has excelled in all aspects of sheltering and leadership—and she’s generous with her time and expertise, too. A regular volunteer at The Association’s conferences, the Vice President of Operations at SPCA of Texas invites you to join her in New Orleans November 14-16.

Certified Animal Welfare Administrator (CAWA) Since: 2014

The Association: Describe yourself in 3 words.
Victoria Cowper: Engaging, Compassionate, Curious.

The Association: What was the most surprising or unexpected thing you learned as you prepared for the CAWA exam? 
Victoria Cowper: The diverse information that was “best protocols” versus what can actually apply in your community.

The Association: Who is a current CAWA you look up to, and why?
Victoria Cowper:
There are actually two who are my mentors, friends and reality checks…..Jodi Lytle Buckman from Dumb Friends League, whom I have relied upon and had the honor to work with, and Karen Froehlich, CEO at SPCA of Texas, who convinced me to join team purple. She has presented me the opportunity to use every bit of advice, knowledge and experience.

The Association: Thank you so much for serving on the Fall Conference Committee. What are you most jazzed about for the conference? 
Victoria Cowper: Aside from the great line-up of workshops and presenters, the chance to be “live” and reconnect with friends and colleagues.

The Association: As one of our shining-star conference volunteers, we’d love to know: how would you recruit members and attendees to help out? What would you tell them about volunteering? 
Victoria Cowper: Volunteering at the conference is a great opportunity to meet new attendees and create long-lasting relationships.  The old adage about a “village” certainly rings true in animal welfare, and this is the best scenario to expand that village. And, it’s fun.

Interested in volunteering with The Association? Email us to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

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  1. Victoria Cowper, CAWA has become a great friend through our time together studying for the CAWA Exam in 2011-2013, volunteering and conferences, and consulting via email and phone. The Association is a great place to form some great friendships.

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