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Fall Conference: 5 Questions We Always Ask with Jeremy Van Groll

October 8, 2022, The Association

Have you registered yet? We have such a juicy lineup for the Fall Conference for Animal Welfare Advancement, you’ll even learn how to make the budgeting process fun. Just ask Jeremy Van Groll, who’ll be presenting on just that...

The Association: We can’t wait to see you in New Orleans—also known as the birthplace of jazz. In keeping with that theme, what are you most jazzed about these days?
Jeremy Van Groll:
Fall being in the air!  I love bringing back all my comfy hoodies and preparing for Halloween (my favorite holiday) with my crew of two boys. Football is back, fall sports are in full swing, and the trees up in my neck of the woods in Wisconsin are BEAUTIFUL with autumn colors.  

On the business side, we are heading into the busy donation season and are excited to support our clients with their fundraising efforts and hopefully report on how they exceed their goals.

The Association: What are you most jazzed about for our time together?
Jeremy Van Groll: I am extremely excited to make new connections with fellow animal lovers. I’m also jazzed that I was able to add a couple of days to the trip to explore the N’Awlins area with my better half—it’s one of the destinations that’s been on our bucket list for a long time. I also look forward to enjoying some warmer weather before we fully settle in for our long winter stretch. 

The Association: We are looking forward to your session on Nonprofit Budgeting. Can you share an example of a beneficial change in language that can help transform the budgeting process?
Jeremy Van Groll:
The entire budgeting process should be seen as a collective and positive activity that is a privilege to be included in. You can frame it to your staff as, “You are an integral part of our organization and as a result, we would like you to be part of our annual budgeting effort.  We have these amazing goals that you helped us develop, now let’s make sure we resource them appropriately.” We’ll talk about how to make budget planning an enjoyable, dare I suggest FUN process that staff look forward to each year.

The Association: What can attendees prepare or think about before your session?
Jeremy Van Groll:
Reflect on your most recent budgeting process and document what went well and what challenges arose for your team or the board. Was the result something that lays out the financial plan on how to achieve the organization’s goals for the year and provide the level of detail needed to communicate your progress (to staff, donors, board members, etc.)?  What financial information needs to be gathered proactively to ensure you can consistently, accurately tell a compelling story on how your mission is being achieved?  

The Association: What favorite Zoom meeting outfit will NOT be making it into your suitcase this November?
Jeremy Van Groll
: Our team is blessed to enjoy flexible schedules and be the financial sidekicks for our clients remotely from our own home offices.  As a result, I am the king of rocking polo shirts and sweatpants. One of my favorite pairs has the album cover art for Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon

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