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Best of the Blog 2023

December 29, 2023, The Association

Here’s the line-up of most-viewed posts of 2023. Thanks for coming to check us out this past year, and let us know about what you’d like to see more in 2024.

Guest Voices: A Place Where All Beings Thrive
In 2019, Leah Craig Chumbley was tasked with turning around an organization facing mission creep, a million-dollar funding gap, and a mostly miserable workforce. Here’s her story

Tip of the Week: Temperature Check
This first-of-its-kind thermometer is a step in the Fear Free direction—and saves time on the exam table

What 2023 Data Is Telling Us So Far
5 key takeaways, including the number one barrier to outcomes

Onboarding 101: New Hire First-Year Timeline
Heard the one that onboarding a new employee will take a week? The Association’s Katherine Shenar maps out the first 12 months

Bright Idea: How One Shelter Used Virtual Dog Training to Reduce Adoption Returns
This St. Louis shelter teamed up with a positive reinforcement virtual dog-training company. The results? Encouraging and eye-opening…

Tip of the Week: Cat-Friendly Decision Making
Resources for identifying—and solutions for—those inbetweener cats who are not adapted to free-roaming or life in a home

Guest Voices: Lily Yap on Things That Aren’t Roadkill
What do YOU see by the side of the road? The Division Manager at Grand Prairie Animal Services discusses how negativity bias can cause our minds to get really judge-y

The Elephant In the Room
Fundraising is getting harder. Here are 4 things to do about it

Tip of the Week: Defining Roles
Leadership roles and titles in animal welfare, and how some of your colleagues are defining these them

Women In Animal Welfare: Breaking the Glass Ceiling
Katherine Shenar talks to female leaders she’s admired over the years

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