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10 Most Talked-About Resources of 2023

December 27, 2023, The Association

This blog’s all you—all your suggestions, that is. Over the past year we listened and took notes as you passed along your favorite books, vids, tools and samples.

What: Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle
Recommended by: 
Dr. Sara Pizano, Team Shelter USA
Why: “I am always looking for ways to calm my body, spirit and mind, and a friend gave this book to me for my birthday because it changed her life.”

What: Mella Pro Thermometer
Recommended by: Alex Schechter, DVM, Burrwood Veterinary
Why: “When you try to incorporate Fear Free into practice, it can really slow things down. But animals seem a lot more relaxed when I’m taking their temperature using this method. And it actually saves time.”

What: Implementing a Culturally Safe & Trauma-Informed Approach
Recommended by: Kay Joubert, ASPCA
Why: “This free course from Vancouver Humane Society focuses on how to approach all interactions with a culturally aware and trauma-informed approach. It takes about 2 hours and can be done in short sessions to fit into staff schedules. It’s appropriate for volunteers as well.”

What: Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me! podcast
Recommended by: Joy Smith, FieldHaven Feline Center
Why: “Full of giggles and fun! Plus, I learn about the news I missed out on during the week.”

What: ASPCApro Infographic: Identifying Sterilized Animals
Recommended by: Shelter Medicine Program at the University of Florida
Why: “This might be our favorite infographic ever! It clearly shows spay/neuter tattoos and ear-tipping and explains why it’s necessary.”

From ASPCApro’s infographic on ID’ing sterilized animals

What: “Why Do Adopters Return Cats to Shelters?” video, from the Faunalytics Explains series
Recommended by: Jenni Riedi, Faunalytics
Why: “This video breaks down results from a recent study in our Research Library to help animal welfare advocates and professionals better understand and apply the findings to their initiatives.”

What: Communal Cat Room Signage
Created by: Heather Svoboda Miller, Cat Adoption Team
Why: “Our priority for these signs was two-fold: to remain welcoming while ensuring the safety and comfort of our cats and guests. We want the tone of any public-facing signage to reflect our organization’s values and brand—friendly, welcoming, and informative.”

What: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach
Recommended by: 
Kristi Brooks, Cat Adoption Team
Why: “I’m reading this with a colleague. Each week we read a chapter and then discuss it in our weekly check-in.”

What: Guidelines for Standards of Care in Animal Shelters (Second Edition)
Recommended by: Association of Shelter Veterinarians
Why: “The ASV offers this document as a tool to help shelters connect to expert guidance and measure themselves against a common standard.”

What: FCC National Broadband Map, Broadband Need Map, and Broadband Health Map 
Recommended by: Dalbin Osorio, Montgomery County Education Association
Why: “It’s easy to assume that everyone has access to the Internet, but have you tested those assumptions? Have you considered those folks in your communities who have slow or no Internet? These resources can help determine which areas in your community don’t have access to broadband services.” (Bonus: check out’s Dalbin’s webinar Virtual Equity: What It Means & How We Create It)

Photo: Unsplash

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