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8 Facts About Pot-Bellied Pigs for Potential Adopters

October 29, 2020, The Association

It’s Thursday—time to roll out another edition of our Innovation Bank. These short, pre-recorded webinars feature model programs and replicable ideas from your colleagues in the field. This week, the spotlight’s on Lollypop Farm’s presentation, “Livestock Animals in Shelters—Especially Pot-Bellied Pigs.”

Although Lollypop Farm cares for a variety of livestock animals, from horses and goats to cows and chickens, over the past 4 years they’ve seen a huge increase in folks who are no longer able to care for their pot-bellied pigs; in the past 18 months, for example, the numbers have doubled. Joanna Dychton, Farm & Safety Manager, passes on 8 top facts about pot-bellied pigs they regularly share with potential adopters.

1. If you’ve seen pigs marketed as “teacup” or “mini pigs,” it’s important to understand they are really just baby pot-bellied pigs or mixes. 

2. Sadly, some breeders share misinformation instructing owners to underfeed their pigs. While this can keep the pigs small, it can also lead to extremely harmful health issues.

3. Pigs love to roam, snuffle, dig, and root around—and require a large amount of space to do these favorite activities.

4. Pigs are very sensitive to the sun, and they can get sunburn just like people. Since they can’t sweat, pigs wallow in the mud to stay cool, and keep their skin hydrated and protected.

5. A healthy pot-bellied pig can grow to weigh 80-180 pounds. Many pigs brought to Lollypop Farm were surrendered because they grew too big for the home they were living in.

6. Healthy pot-bellied pigs can live 12-15 years.

7. Pigs are fast! They can also be good swimmers in shallow water.

8. Pigs love being with other pigs. When they sleep, pigs cuddle close together to keep each other warm.

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