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Word on the Street with Lily Yap, MBA

May 29, 2024, The Association

Deep thoughts, good advice and tough talk on hot topics

Welcome to our new column featuring brief, power-packed statements and sentiments from your colleagues in the animal welfare profession. Members, we’ll be posting questions on various topics in our online communities, and we look forward to sharing your inspiration and wise words here.

When we asked Lily Yap, Division Manager at Grand Prairie Animal Services, about her biggest motivators and inspiration for continued growth and success, here’s what she had to say:

Lily Yap

In such a fast-paced environment where challenges can be thrown your way one after the other, it is very easy to get desensitized to the amazing work we do every day. I often take a moment to pause and ‘re-enchant’ myself with how impactful a recent team achievement was on our life-saving efforts, or with the excitement of a special shelter pet going home because the stars simply aligned that day.

I remember how magical it is that life’s journey brought me from being an animal-obsessed kid to someone in a position to truly make difference. No matter what is thrown our way, there’s power in owning this path we’ve chosen to take.

– Lily Yap, MBA, Division Manager at Grand Prairie Animal Services

Yap and her fellow up-and-coming leaders will be talking further about this topic at the Solutions Summit on June 13. Don’t miss their panel, “Meet the Next Generation—and Keep Them,” where you’ll hear from leaders who are relatively new to animal welfare about what makes them feel supported and eager to get promoted, and what your organization can do to grow from within. Details and registration (P.S. Members of The Association, you’re already registered—see you there!)

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