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Tip of the Week: Vax Tracking

March 14, 2022, The Association

It’s Monday, and that means it’s time to share a tool, time-saver, or just-plain-genius idea that your colleagues and members of The Association have suggested and tested.

Looking for an automated tool to track vaccinations, boosters and positive Covid-19 cases? Kristi Mack, HR Director at Humane Society Silicon Valley, reports great success with BambooHR, software that collects and analyzes workforce data.

HSSV had already been using BambooHR in May 2021, when the county issued a mandate for employers to track vaccination status. With a few tweaks, it was easy enough to add a self-certification form for employees to complete. “We used existing capabilities in BambooHR to create a custom field in the system and release the request to all employees,” says Mack.  “When employees completed the form, we updated the field and had an instant report as to where we stood with the compliance requirements.”

When HSSV implemented its own vaccination requirement in November 2021, Mack simply created another custom tab, accessed only by HR, to store vaccination type and date. And when the organization added a booster requirement in January of this year, it was as simple as adding another field to the custom tab. Shares Mack, “The ability to use our existing system to meet the county and HSSV requirements allowed for a streamlined workflow and heightened efficiency. And we’ve got real-time reports at our fingertips, which allows us to share metrics with our executive team at any time.” 

Although BambooHR has since released their own vaccine tracking feature, HSSV chose to stay with their customized set-up. While Mack appreciates how they have been able to leverage their software, she has an important tip to pass on, no matter what tool you are using: “Leverage your existing technology whenever you can!”

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