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Tip of the Week: The Case for Pet-Friendly Housing

April 19, 2023, The Association

We’re still digging through the tips and insights shared in last week’s  Roundtable on Dog Breeds: Implication for Behavior, Adopter Expectations & Legislation. Here’s another invaluable resource.

One of the biggest crises facing pet parents in many communities is the lack of pet-friendly housing. To understand the extent of the problem—and to help increase the availability of pet-friendly housing—the Michelson Found Animals Foundation teamed up with Human Animal Bond Research Institute on a much-needed survey.

The results were encouraging…and potentially game-changing. The survey found that that 92% of renters and 93% of landlords/rentors agree that pets are important members of the family. The research also showed that relaxing restrictive pet policies is smart business. There’s a clear financial advantage for landlords who allow pets.

Shelters, you can share the information in this 32-page report with rental owners and operators in your communities as part of your initiatives to keep pets and people in their homes. How about partnering with them to rewrite their policies or offer on-site adoption events?

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