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Tip of the Week: Lead By Example

October 2, 2023, The Association

Model the behavior you wish to see.

As a senior leader or manager, it’s hard to argue with the above statement. Putting it into practice, however, is another thing. Rachel Levine, Director of People Development at Dumb Friends League, shared some wise words on this topic in last month’s roundtable, Help Your Team Thrive.

Setting boundaries is a crucial component of leading by example, says Levine. “So, if our senior managers and executive leadership team are responding to emails on their off days and late in the evenings and early mornings,” she continues, “then they’re setting an expectation that that’s what they want out of their teams.”

On the other side of this equation is the importance of taking time off. Indeed, vacation was once—and may still be—a dirty word in the nonprofit world, with lost vacation days and unused time off hailed as badges of honor. Levine stress the importance of taking time off to rest and refresh. “We can’t expect our teams to feel comfortable with taking their much-needed time off,” adds Levine, “if no one ever models that behavior, and shows that it’s okay to step away from the work.”

If this tip resonates, you’re in luck—your colleagues in the field shared a wealth of insights and strategies in The Roundtable discussion. Listen to the recording.

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