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Tip of the Week: Hold the Pickles, Hold the Lettuce…

November 30, 2022, The Association

This week’s tip challenges a common feedback technique you may want to take off the menu.

Ever served up—or been given—a feedback sandwich? This conventional model for sharing feedback involves cushioning constructive or critical feedback between two instances of positive feedback. For some individuals, this method may work. But for others, shared Jeff Butler in his recent session at the Fall Conference on generational preferences in the workplace, it may feel formulaic and disingenuous.

Butler recommends a new model for Gen Z employees in particular. “The younger generation want feedback every second,” he says, “so try splitting the feedback and increase the rate.” It’s fine to share a piece of critical feedback on its own, and straight-up praise can stand alone as well. The key here is to do so regularly, not just at a six-month or annual review.

What’s your most effective tool for sharing feedback?

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