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Tip of the Week: Fashion Statement

October 18, 2021, The Association

#MondayMotivation, anyone? Every week on the blog, we pass along tools, time-savers and just-plain-genius ideas that your colleagues and members of The Association have suggested and tested. Today’s tip, courtesy of Alexsey Dobberstine at Houston SPCA, can turn your hiring manager into a walking, talking job listing

Recruiting never looked so good, when you work this fun idea from Alexsey Dobberstine, Logistics and Transfers Manager at Houston SPCA. Alexsey first tried out this tactic when she was managing a pet supplies store. “We were in desperate need of groomers and not getting applicants,” she says, “so I made a T-shirt and walked around the local dog show with my business card. I ended up getting two new hires out of it.”

This tactic could easily be used by shelter recruiters at offsite adoption events and other events in the community—anywhere you’re out and about. “This is a great way to help spread the word that there are job openings,” says Alexsey, and it allows you to reach folks you may not have otherwise. “Sometimes people who might not be actively looking for a job or transition will see it.”

We’ve also seen this idea employed to recruit volunteers and fosters. Leave us a comment if you’ve tried this at your agency. 

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